Beers on tap

  Region Alc % $Pot Pint Jug
Carlton Draught VIC 4.6% $4.8 $9.6 $18
The Aussie classic. Carlton Draught is a traditional, full-strength lager that is crisp on the mid-palate with a good malt character and smooth full-bodied flavour. Clean hop bitterness gives the brew a slightly dry finish.
Moon Dog Love Tap Lager VIC 5% $5.5 $11 $21
A delicious, smashable lager with a big whack of fresh citrusy and tropical “new world” hop flavours. “Lovey” has the boldness of an IPA, but with a clean and crisp lager-y finish
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale N.S.W. 4.4% $5.5 $11 $21
Brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish. After being dry hopped at the end of fermentation, Pacific Ale is then drawn straight from the storage tank at the brewery into kegs for your pleasure.
4 Pines Pale Ale N.S.W. 5.1% $5.5 $11 $21
An American style pale ale with a colorful deep ruby amber appearance. Aromas of pine and grapefruit overlay a malt background. On the palate full bodied malty flavours with a tight and bitter finish.
Two Birds Sunset Ale VIC 4.6% $5.5 $11 $21
Two Birds Sunset Ale is brewed using a distinct combination of malts including pale, wheat and Crystal malts to provide the round, rich, toffee notes. The addition of US Citra and Australian Cascade hops adds a twist of grapefruit and tropical notes to balance the biscuity malt base. This brew is round, rich and flavoursome.
Hargreaves Hill E.S.B. VIC 5.2% $6 $12 $22
A New World take on a traditional English style, it turned heads with huge, fragrant hop aromas seldom found in Australian beers at the time of its original release. With a thick, toffee-like malt body shot through with passionfruit and a healthy whack of hop bitterness to finish.
Southern Bay White I.P.A VIC 6.3% $6 $12 $22
This beer seamlessly merges two classic styles, the Belgian witbier and American IPA. A traditional witbier grist bill and suitably fruity yeast strain meshes with an exciting American hop variety, El Dorado. Like the mythical city of gold this brew is worth hunting for. . .
Stone & Wood Forager N.S.W. 4.8% $6 $12 $22
The beer has been inspired by the search for wild food and a slower way of living, gathering herbs and spices form the forest floor out of the Northern Rivers region and added to the brew. The 2016 release is a Belgian style Witbier, brews with coriander and bitter orange. Expect wild fruitiness, mild tartness and subtle spice that finishes dry.
Fixation I.P.A. N.S.W 6.4% $6 $12 $22
Four different new world hop varieties have gone into this IPA at all stages of the brewing process to lend a big juicy, fruity aroma, robust flavour and firm bitterness. There is a clean malt backbone with a few specialty malts for good measure, just enough to carry the ridiculously large hopping regime! This beer is for people with great taste, who love a modern day classic IPA!
Coldstream Apple Cider VIC 5% $5.5 $11 $21
Made from 100% Victorian apples, Coldstream cider is pure goodness, no concentrates or powders here. Their apples are crushed and then cold fermented – essentially the magical turning apples into alcohol process happens in the cold – giving the cider its delightful fizz. It’s finished with a filter to leave the cider crystal clear and that’s it – clean, crisp and ready to drink.

Also a superb selection of single malts, spirits, aperitifs & liqueurs …..



  • Goodwyn Brut Reserve, NSW$7 / $30
  • Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato 275ml Yarra Valley, VIC $9
  • Bollinger Special Cuvee, France$110
  • 2011 Stonier Sparkling (Chard/Pinot Noir), Mornington, VIC$59


  • Rainbow House White Semillon Sauvignon South East Australia$7 / $30
  • Henschke Peggy's Hill Riesling Eden Valley, SA$8 / $36
  • Vidal Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ $8.50 / $38
  • Luella Chardonnay Adelaide Hills, SA$7.5 / $33
  • Kapuka Pinot Gris, Marlborough NZ$7.5 / $33
  • 2014 Pikes ‘Traditionale’ Riesling, Clare Valley, SA$52
  • 2014 Villa Maria ‘Cellar Selection’ Pinot Gris, Marlborough, NZ$51
  • 2013 Petaluma White Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills, SA$47
  • 2014 Stonier Chardonnay, Mornington, VIC$59
  • 2013 Capel Vale Debut Verdelho, Margaret River, W.A.$45


  • Sandalford Rose Margaret River, WA$7.50 / $33
  • Rainbow House Red Cabernet Merlot South East Australia $7 / $30
  • Innocent Bystander Pinot Noir Yarra Valley, VIC $8 / $36
  • Tatachilla Merlot McLaren Vale, SA $8.50 / $38
  • St Hallet 'Black Clay' Shiraz Barossa, SA$8 / $36
  • Petaluma ‘Hundred Line’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, S.A. $8.50 / $38
  • 2014 Josef Chromy Estate Pinot Noir, Relbia, TAS$59
  • 2013 Capel Vale ‘Regional Series’ Cabernet, Margaret River, WA$49
  • 2013 Pikes Eastside Shiraz, Clare Valley, SA$60
  • 2013 Henschke ‘Henry 7’, Coonawarra, SA$68
  • 2012 Philip Shaw No 17 Blend, Orange, NSW$50

Bottled Beers from the Fridge

LAGERS & PILSNERS Region Style Alc % Size $Price
2 Brothers Kung Foo VIC Rice Lager 4.5% 330ml $9
Asahi Japan Lager 5% 330ml $8
Budvar Czech Lager 5% 330ml $8
Carlton Draught VIC Lager 4.6% 375ml $6.5
Cascade Premium Light VIC Light Strength Lager 2.6% 375ml $5
Coedo Kyara Japan India Pale Lager 5.5% 333ml $15
Dos Equis Lager Mexico Lager 4.5% 330ml $8
Estaminet Premium Pils Belgium Pilsner 5.2% 330ml $8.5
Heineken Netherlands Lager 5% 330ml $8
Knappstein Reserve S.A. Lager 5.6% 330ml $6
Melbourne Bitter VIC Lager 4.6% 375ml $6
Negra Modelo Mexico Dark Lager 5.4% 330ml $9
Neighbourhood VIC Red Wheat Lager 5.1% 330ml $12
Peroni Nastro Azzuro Italy Lager 5.1% 330ml $8
Pilsner Urquell Czech Pilsner 4.4% 330ml $8
Quilmes Argentina Lager 4.9% 330ml $8
Tiger Singapore Lager 5% 330ml $8
Trumer Pils Austria Pilsner 4.9% 330ml $8.5
Victoria Bitter VIC Lager 4.9% 375ml $6
Zywiec Poland Lager 5.6% 500ml $9.5
PALE ALES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Anchor Steam Beer VIC Pale Ale 4.9% 355ml $8.5
3 Ravens 55 VIC American Pale Ale 5% 330ml $8
Barrow Boys Pedlars Pale VIC Pale Ale 5.3% 330ml $8.5
Boatrocker Alpha Queen VIC Pale Ale 5% 330ml $8.5
Brookes American Pale Ale VIC American Pale Ale 5.2% 330ml $8
Coopers Pale Ale S.A. Unfiltered Pale Ale 4.5% 375ml $6.5
Coopers Sparkling Ale S.A. Strong Unfiltered Pale Ale 5.8% 375ml $7
Epic Pale Ale N.Z. Hoppy Pale Ale 5.4% 500ml $15
Hargreaves Hill Pale Ale VIC Pale Ale 4.9% 330ml $8.5
Holgate Mt Macedon Ale VIC Pale Ale 4.5% 330ml $8
Little Creatures Pale Ale W.A. American Pale Ale 5.2% 330ml $8
Moo Brew Pale Ale TAS Pale Ale 5% 330ml $11
Mornington Pale VIC Pale Ale 4.7% 330ml $8
Sierra Nevada U.S.A. American Pale Ale 5.6% 330ml $9
Tomoka Pale Ale VIC Pale Ale 4.4% 330ml $8.5
White Rabbit Pale Ale VIC Belgian Pale Ale 4.9% 330ml $8
IPA Region Style Alc % Size $Price
8 Wired Hopwired N.Z. India Pale Ale 7.3% 500ml $18
Boatrocker Hop Bomb VIC India Pale Ale 6.5% 330ml $10
Bridge Road Bling I.P.A. VIC Indian Pale Ale 5.8% 330ml $9.5
Bridgeport India Pale Ale U.S.A. India Pale Ale 5.5% 355ml $9
Lost Coast Indica U.S.A. India Pale Ale 6.5% 660ml $18
McLaren Vale / IPA S.A. India Pale Ale 5.5% 330ml $9
Mornington I.P.A. VIC American 6.4% 330ml $9
Mountain Goat I.P.A. VIC India pale Ale 6.2% 330ml $9
Two Birds Bantam I.P.A. VIC Session India Pale Ale 4.7% 330ml $8.5
GOLDEN ALE Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Celt Ogham Oak Wales Exotic Golden Triple 8.5% 330ml $16
Duvel Belgium Strong Golden Ale 8.5% 330ml $13
La Chouffe Belgium Artisanale Blonde 8% 330ml $12.5
La Guillotine Belgium Strong Golden Triple 8.5% 330ml $13.5
Two Birds Golden Ale VIC Golden Ale 4.4% 330ml $8.5
AMBERS & REDS Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Bridge Rd Celtic Red Ale VIC Red Ale 5.3% 330ml $9
Dainton Red Eye Red VIC Red Rye Ale 5% 330ml $10
Kwak Belgium BelgiumStrong Amber Ale 8.4% 3330ml $13
Little Creatures Rogers W.A. Mid Strength Amber Ale 3.8% 330ml $7
Mad River Jamaica U.S.A. Red Ale 6.5% 355ml $9
Mash Collective Heart Breaker N.S.W. Spiced Red Ale 5.5% 500ml $15
Moa Five Hop N.Z. English Bitter 6.2% 375ml $12
Palm Belgium Belgian Amber Ale 5.4% 330ml $8.5
Prickly Moses Red Ale VIC Red Ale 5% 330ml $8.5
BROWN ALES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
2 Brothers Growler VIC American Brown Ale 4.7% 330ml $8
Brookes Brown Ale VIC Brown Ale 5.2% 330ml $8
Cavalier Brown Ale VIC Brown Ale 5% 330ml $9
Lost Coast Downtown Brown U.S.A. Nut Brown Ale 5% 355ml $9
Moon Dog Henry Ford's Girthsome Fjord VIC Bulgo-American India Brown Ale 8.1% 330ml $11
Nail HUGhE Dunn Brown W.A. Imperial Brown Ale 8% 330ml $12
WHEAT STYLES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Camden Gentlemen's Wit U.K. Witbier 4.3% 330ml $9
DR Orders Zephyr Double White N.S.W Imperial Witbier 7.5% 500ml $17
Erdinger Kristall Germany Kristall Weissbier 5.3% 500ml $12
Erdinger Mit Feiner Hefe Germany Hefeweizen 5.3% 500ml $12
Franziskaner Weissbier Germany Hefeweizen 5% 500ml $10.5
Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel Germany Dark Hefeweizen 5% 500ml $10.5
Hoegaarden Belgium Witbier 4.9% 330ml $9
Lost Coast Great White U.S.A Witbier 4.8% 355ml $9
Lost Coast Tangerine U.S.A. Tangerine Wheat 5% 355ml $9
Neighbourhood VIC Red Wheat Lager 5.1% 330ml $12
Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Germany Hefeweizen 500ml 5% 500ml $11
Schofferhofer Kristal Germany Kristall Weissbier 5% 500ml $11
Weihenstephaner Germany Dark Hefeweizen 5.3% 500ml $11.5
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Germany Hefeweizen 5.3% 500ml $11.5
DARK STYLES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
4 Pines Stout N.S.W. Stout 5.1% 330ml $8
Abbotsford Invalid Stout VIC Stout 5.2% 375ml $6.5
Cavalier Imperial Stout VIC Imperial Stout 8% 500ml $20
Clare Valley King Kong Stout S.A. Stout 6% 330ml $9
Coopers Stout S.A. Stout 6.3% 375ml $7
Holgate Temptress VIC Chocolate Porter 6% 330ml $9
Moo Brew Dark TAS Dark Ale 5% 330ml $11
Nail Oatmeal Stout VIC Oatmeal Stout 6% 330ml $9.5
White Rabbit VIC Dark Ale 4.9% 330ml $8
TRAPPIST & ABBEY STYLES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Brugge Tripel Belgium Spiced Abbey Tripel 8.7% 330ml $13
Chimay Blue Belgium Strong Rich Trappist 9% 330ml $13.5
Chimay Grande Reserve 2012 Belgium Strong Rich Trappist 9% 750ml $28
Chimay Red Belgium Rich Red Trappist 7% 330ml $12
Chimay White Belgium Golden Trappist Tripel 8% 330ml $13
Leffe Blonde Belgium Blonde Abbey Ale 6.6% 330ml $10.5
EXOTIC, EXTREME & OFFBEAT Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Brookevale Union N.S.W. Alcoholic Ginger Beer 4% 500ml $15
DR Orders Iron Lung N.S.W Black Imperial Pilsner 7% 500ml $17
Hargreaves Hill Phoenix 2014 VIC Imperial Red Ale 9.8% 750ml $50
Hargeaves Hill RIS 2013 VIC Russian Imperial Stout 10.5% 750ml $35
Holgate Millenium Falcon VIC "Emperial" I.P.A. 10.5% 500ml $26
Mad River John Barleycorn U.S.A. Strong Barleywine Ale 11.4% 355ml $12
Rodenbach 2012 Vintage Belgium Oak Aged Sour 7% 750ml $36
Rodenbach Caratere Rouge Belgium Very Ltd Release Oak Aged Sour 7% 750ml $36
CIDER Region Style Alc % Size $Price
2 Brothers Gypsy Pear Cider VIC Pear Cider 4.9% 330ml $7.5
Apple Thief Granny Smith Cider N.S.W. Medium Dry Cider 4.5% 330ml $8.5
Mercury Draught Cider TAS Medium Cider 5.2% 330ml $7
Mercury Dry Cider TAS Dry Cider 5.2% 330ml $7
Pipsqueak Cider VIC Medium Cider 5.2% 330ml $8
Willie Smith Organic Apple Cider TAS Organic Cider 5.4% 330ml $11