The kitchen is open 7 days

Monday to Thursday

4.45pm – 9.30pm

Friday to Sunday

Midday – 9.30pm


Small Plates

  • Italian bread served w spinach & white bean hummus, pumpkin dip & spring vegetables (VG)$14
  • Halloumi fries w smoky baba ghanoush, red pepper & walnut dip (v)$14
  • Popcorn chicken in a crispy polenta crust w aioli, green chilli hot sauce & lemon $14
  • Tacos filled w crispy fried cuttlefish, carrot & alfalfa slaw, lemon mint mayo, pico de gallo & lime (gf) $15

Big Plates

  • Buddha bowl: gochujang-glazed tempeh & miso green beans w house made kimchi, roasted peppers, cucumber, gem lettuce, black rice & a sesame/soy dressing (gf,VG) Add grilled chicken $3 $21/$24
  • Spaghetti w vegan meatballs, arrabiata sauce & basil served w a side salad (VG)$22
  • Chicken parma w smoked ham, napoli & cheddar served w chips & mixed leaf salad $25
  • Pan roasted salmon fillet w pea, feta & asparagus salad, steamed farro & charred lemon $29
  • Italian slow-baked rosemary lamb shoulder w roasted potatoes, pecorino, fennel & salsa fresca$28


  • Southern Burger: Fried chicken w bacon, hot sauce, cheese, slaw & chipotle aioli served w a side of fries$20
  • Rainbow Burger: Beef burger w cheddar, tomato, pickled beetroot, aioli, special sauce, house relish & lettuce served w a side of fries$20
  • Prawn roll: chilled prawns in a toasted bun w kewpie mayo, watercress, lemon & a side of fries$20
  • Vegan Burger: “Beyond” burger patty w tomato, pickled beetroot, lettuce, veganaise burger sauce & house relish served w a side of fries (gf/VG) $22
  • All burgers can be made vegetarian w ‘Beyond Meat’ vegan patty $22
  • Extras: Gluten free bun (VG) $1, Bacon $2, Cheese $1, Jalapenos $1


  • 300g 1824 rare breed porterhouse $30
  • 300g Darling Downs wagyu rump $35
  • 450g Gippsland grass fed angus ribeye $48

All steaks cooked to your liking, served with either Rainbow Hotel butter, roasted beef gravy, salsa verde, peppercorn, mushroom or blue cheese sauce & two complimentary sides (add horseradish, dijon, wholegrain, English mustard or chilli sauce as well if you’re keen)


  • Chips w garlic aioli & tomato sauce (lg,v)$8
  • Creamy mashed potatoes topped w chives (gf,v) $9
  • Mixed leaf salad w cherry tomato, radish, red onion & sherry vinaigrette (gf,VG) $8
  • Steamed asparagus w “slap ya mama” seasoning, lemon & butter (gf,v)$9
  • Roasted sweet potato w spiced sour cream & jalapenos (gf,v)$9
  • Beetroot, feta & watercress salad w toasted sunflower seeds & dill (gf,v)$9
  • Sautéed greens: broccoli, beans & zucchini w basil & garlic (gf,VG)$9


  • Banana cream tart w caramel & cocoa (v)$13
  • Coconut & vanilla panna cotta w pistachio biscuits & drunk strawberries (VG) $13

Kids Menu

  • Kids burger: Beef burger w tomato sauce, aioli, cheese & lettuce served w fries$13
  • Grilled chicken tenders w sautéed greens & salad (gf) $13
  • Kids parma w fries & salad$14